PT. Astra International Tbk manages an annual event called Astra Green Company (AGC) and Astra Friendly Company (AFC) Awards. This event is participated by affiliated companies in Astra Group.

Related the AGC Awards, there are three considerated aspects as follows: 1. Compliance to AGC management system requirement. 2. Legal compliance and emergency response readiness. 3. Safety and environment special program.

The peak awarding ceremony for year 2011 was held on August 15, 2011 in Astra Convention Hall. This year, Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia (AAIJ) is awarded Astra Green Company Award 2011 (GOLD level) as The Best in Occupational Health and Safety Program with the special program is Fire Prevention Through Re-engineering Activity to Eliminate the Potensial Fire and Explosion Hazard of LPG Cylinders at the Graviy Casting and Remelting Line. The issue is appropriate with Indonesian government program who has the same problem.

The award is the first achievement of PT. AAIJ after got Green level on the last 3 years. Assessment on this awarding process is a serial evaluation to the related company program within one year. The final assessment was conducted by cross functional judge team from internal Astra Group, government and academica.

PT. AAIJ achieved the highest point of 40 companies representatif of Astra Group on the Safety and Health Activity category. By the AGC Award achievement, PT. AAIJ represented PT. Astra International Tbk. on the Asian CSR Award 2011 convention in Manila, Philippine on October 2011.

Congratulation to PT. AAIJ for the excellent achievement. Keep contiuous improvement on the Safety, Health and Environtment aspect.